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Learning Environment for Transformational Leadership of the Future


Initial situation

In the context of complex patient- and staff-related as well as political and economic requirements, managers in the health care sector increasingly act at the complex interface of conflicting objectives such as the guarantee of high-quality patient care, the promotion of staff satisfaction and motivation as well as the fulfilment of efficiency requirements and political regulations, whose respective degree of objective achievement they influence in a relevant way through their decisions within the scope of their management responsibility. Although their decision-making is thus of central importance for the success of an organisation, their decision-making, especially on issues with strong corporate cultural and organisational references, is mostly based on experience and intuition as well as in the context of personal and social competences developed in the course of their biography.

Aim of the research project

Motivated by the relevant potential of existing solutions for the foundation of product- and process-related decisions from the industrial environment, the research project LUTZ aims to develop a system for the accompaniment of socio-technical events that supports executives in the healthcare sector in complex decision-making processes in the area of tension between leadership, corporate culture and organisation. For this purpose, the development of a digital learning environment is envisaged that realistically simulates the leadership-, culture- and organisation-related corporate context of the acting actors on the basis of multidimensional modelling and qualifies health care executives for the effective design of their decision-making actions. In a protected fictitious space, the managers are confronted with case-based learning scenarios, sensitised to the effects of different alternatives for action and in this way motivated to consciously design context-appropriate decision-making processes.

Social added value

The result of the research project is a prototype of the learning environment evaluated on the example of the participating health care facilities, which supports managers by expanding their repertoire of actions in the implementation of transparent, context-appropriate decision-making processes that are comprehensible for the employees. As a result, employee motivation, patient and family satisfaction as well as the economic efficiency of the company are to be positively influenced. The utilisation of the results is planned primarily for small and medium-sized enterprises in the health care sector.

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Learning environment for transformational leadership of the future
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