Karsten Müller

Project Coordinator



Socio-Digital Innovation through Participatory Process Design in Virtual Space


Initial situation

Digitization offers companies a wide range of opportunities to innovatively design and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of operational processes. Looking at the specifics of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), it becomes clear that the potential for digitization there lies less in full automation than in the digital support and networking of business processes. For example, the interlocking of departments, workflows and employee groups in SMEs is often not mapped in a uniform manner.

Aim of the research project

The goal of the SoDigital research project is to develop a virtual reality tool, the SoDigital VR Box, which can be used to intuitively and vividly redesign business processes in SMEs with the participation of employees. 3-D technology offers the advantages that even comprehensive processes can be displayed without spatial restrictions and can be experienced independently of time and place. At the same time, visualization and manipulation options make participative and creative collaboration possible. Different lists and programs cannot be synchronized well; agreements are made with pen and paper or verbally. The digital redesign of corresponding business processes offers enormous potential for reducing effort and error-proneness. In addition to technical issues of digitization, social aspects must also be taken into account. The socio-technical approach builds on this. Virtual reality (VR) opens up new opportunities to involve the employees involved as valuable process experts.

Social added value

Overall, the project is helping to lower the barriers to entry for digital transformations in SMEs. Thus, recommendations for further SMEs and the transfer to business processes through the SoDigital transformation platform are provided from the experiences within the prototypical digitalized business processes. The SoDigital VR box will be expanded for broader application and dissemination will be supported by the process-related concepts, methods and techniques. In addition, the university partners in the collaborative project will disseminate the results through publications in journals and at conferences and use them in teaching.

All information about the project and the project partners can be found here!

Socio-digital innovation through participatory process design in virtual space
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