Prof. Dr. Jutta Stumpf-Wollersheim

Project Coordination



Internet of Things and Integrative Organizational Design: Impact on Organization and Employees


Initial situation

Companies are increasingly offering goods and services from a single source. In this context, digitization and IoT technologies are of great importance, as they enable networking. However, due to limited resources, SMEs have problems integrating the IoT into their processes. The challenges therefore affect both the organization and the employees. For SMEs, the IoT offers particularly great opportunities, as only comparatively little resource-intensive information networking is required. Nevertheless, the introduction of IoT also poses challenges for SMEs, because the introduction of IoT requires new business models, the implementation of which affects both personnel matters and the structural and process organization.

Aim of the research project

The IOT-OM project will develop enterprise software that can support SMEs in their adoption of the IoT, particularly in adapting organizational structures and competence development measures. In doing so, the project builds on findings from international organizational and human resources research and combines them with research regarding the IoT to create a systematic approach that enables SMEs to benefit from the opportunities of the IoT while suffering little to no losses.

Added value for society

To ensure the future viability of SMEs, it is essential to develop practical approaches to dealing with digitalization and the IoT. With the research results and the developed software, IOT-OM leads a significant contribution to this. The dissemination of the results is ensured by a results roadshow, integration of the results in courses as well as by the networks of the collaborative partners. Additionally, other SMEs and associations have agreed to support the project and contribute to the result exploitation in order to have the greatest possible positive impact on IoT-using SMEs.

All information about the project and the project partners can be found here!