Work packages

  Work packages within the framework of WissProKMU Work packages within the framework of WissProKMU

Within the framework of the accompanying project WissProKMU - Future of Work: Shaping and Networking, accompanying research and science communication will be carried out in three work packages. The contents of the individual work packages are presented in the following section.


Work package Network research

Work package Network research Work package Network research

Innovation research shows that innovations are primarily generated by networks. The development of novel processes and artefacts succeeds best when different knowledge and perspectives are brought together. This requires suitable relationships between the carriers of heterogeneous knowledge. The scientific investigation asks how and under what conditions such relationships arise. Both intra- and interconsortial relationships are considered. In addition to their fundamental importance for network research, findings on the genesis of these relationships are instructive for understanding innovation processes and relevant for practice, because they can orient measures that support the development of relationships critical to success in a scientifically manner. Detailed information on the collection of personal data in the context of the project "WissProKMU" is available here.


Work Package Monitoring

Monitoring within the framework of WissProKMU Work Package Monitoring

The monitoring aims to record and systematise the innovation goals of the individual collaborative projects. To this end, initial content is extracted from the project information available in advance, which is then compared and matched with the projects. Subsequently, this information is condensed into an occupational science map based on occupational science models and concepts. Further systematisation contents take into account, for example, the fields of action named in the Future of Work programme as well as the goals named in the new High-Tech Strategy of the Federal Government, in order to derive future research and action needs from them. In addition, the challenges considered in the collaborative projects will be examined in more detail with regard to ethical, legal and social implications. The interactive process of monitoring helps to further explicate and reflect on the project goals. This helps to ensure that project activities are more targeted. Monitoring has no control function for the collaborative projects, i.e. there is no evaluation of content or controlling.


Work package Transfer

Work package Transfer Work package Transfer

The individual results of the respective collaborative projects must be bundled in order to make them available for a broader social discourse. To this end, regular opportunities for exchange are organised in the form of overarching project meetings as well as workshops and conferences to network the collaborative projects. Internet forums such as XING and Twitter are used to exchange information within the funding line. In addition, information for the collaborative projects is shared within the funding line with the help of a newsletter. Furthermore, joint appearances by the collaborative projects at relevant specialist events and WissProKMU trade fairs are coordinated.