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Philip Roth

Project Manager


+49 241 80 96312


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Subject of the study

Research on the impact of government-funded collaborative research projects has shown that these projects' enduring cooperative relationships are of crucial importance for the sustainable positive impact of the projects. Against this background, the research project WissProKMU investigates the formation of interorganisational cooperative relationships in the context of government-funded collaborative research projects. It aims to understand in what way and to what extent this process is structured by different factors. On the basis of the desired findings, it should be possible, among other things, to promote the formation of such relationships in a targeted manner through scientifically sound measures.

Content of the data collection

The data collection is carried out through a combination of a standardised relationship questionnaire and a guideline-based interview. The subject of the study makes it necessary to ask for personal information in both cases. The questionnaire asks about the extent of the relationships with the project partners. In the interview, the development of individual relationships is reconstructed.


Responsible for data collection and analysis:

Dr. Philip Roth
Lehrstuhl für Technik- und Organisationssoziologie (STO) RWTH Aachen University
Eilfschornsteinstr. 7
52062 Aachen
Telefon: +49 241 80 96312

The persons responsible ensure that all data collected are treated as strictly confidential and are used exclusively for the agreed purpose. The persons in charge as well as each member of the staff of the Institute of Sociology at RWTH Aachen University are subject to the duty of confidentiality and are obliged to maintain data secrecy, i.e. they are not allowed to talk to anyone about personal data from the collected interviews or share them in any other form.

Collection and processing of data

The interview will be recorded and, if necessary, typed up. The transcription is done by the project staff. Within the transcripts, all personal data, such as proper names or names of companies or departments, will be pseudonymised. The data collected with the questionnaire will also be pseudonymised. Pseudonymisation means that all persons or institutions named in the interview or questionnaire are assigned a different name in further processing. At the same time, a list documents which person/organisation belongs to which of the newly assigned names. The interviews as a whole are also pseudonymised. The data records thus do not contain any information about persons. The files with the clear names (questionnaires and audio files) are destroyed as part of this process.

Storage of the data

The collected data are stored on a secure drive at the Institute of Sociology at RWTH Aachen University, to which only the project staff have access. The audio files will be completely deleted after the evaluation has been completed. The assignment lists and thus all personal data are stored securely and separately from the audio files and transcripts. Only the project management has access to these documents. After the evaluation of the interviews has been completed, these allocation lists are also destroyed. The transcripts will be stored securely for further scientific publications, even after the end of the project. In accordance with the rules of good scientific practice, the transcripts will be stored for a total of ten years at the Institute of Sociology at RWTH Aachen University and then completely deleted. Since the audio files, all personal data and the assignment lists are deleted at the latest after the end of the project, the transcripts are completely anonymised from this point on.