Prof. Dr. Carmen Constantinescu

Project Coordinator



Workplaces of the Future with Integrated Intelligent Exoskeletons for Logistics and Production Processes in SMEs


Workplaces of the future with integrated intelligent exoskeletons for logistics and production processes in SMEs

Today, there are many work processes that cannot be automated due to batch sizes that are too small, complexity of the processes (working in low-pressure gas containers) and production that is too varied (different designs of low-pressure gas containers).
To counteract disturbances and damage to the human body, a new type of "exoskeleton" is used. Exoskeletons are human-machine systems that combine human intelligence with machine power by supporting or amplifying the movements of the wearer. In the future, exoskeletons will be used primarily where human labour cannot be meaningfully replaced by automation or robotic systems.

Aim of the research project

The overall objective of Exo4LogiProd is to increase the innovation potential of SMEs in the field of holistic work design and organisation of workplaces of the future with integrated intelligent exoskeletons for logistics and production processes. The envisaged solution aims to make the exoskeletons applicable in the SME working environment, with a focus on supporting a) lifting activities, as often found in logistics; and b) overhead activities, such as in the automotive industry or overhead welding. For both purposes, different configurations are needed: a) lifting activities: active exoskeleton with hydraulics and drive (still in research); and b) overhead activities: passive exoskeleton, with spring mechanisms (already on the market).

Social added value

The exoskeleton technology and the corresponding human-machine interaction will be adapted for the needs of SMEs in order to implement the path to social innovation and the new digital togetherness in company-specific environments.

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