Prof. Dr. Thomas Schack

Project Coordinator



Audiovisual Support Through a Cognitive and Mobile Assistance System


Initial situation

Due to high costs, insufficient technical know-how and a lack of knowledge about the opportunities of increasing digitalisation, SMEs in particular are facing major challenges in order not to be left behind by current developments. According to experts, smart wearables and assistance systems based on them - which so far are mostly only available in the form of prototypes - will develop rapidly in the next few years and open up new opportunities for innovations in the world of work.


At the beginning, the scenarios are clearly worked out with the companies and examined on the basis of work-psychological criteria. Based on this, the assistance system is implemented taking into account the requirements, integrated in the companies and tested by the employees. This will be followed by a detailed evaluation and the creation of a guideline for the use of such assistance systems for SMEs.

Aim of the research project

Within the framework of the research project, a mobile, multi-modal, cognitive assistance system will be implemented that adapts individually and task-related to the users and the corresponding work context. To this end, four partner companies are contributing individual, clearly defined and recurring application scenarios. Specifically, an existing visual assistance system will be supplemented with an auditory component and expanded for industrial use. In addition, the corresponding cognitive diagnostic procedures will be adapted and the embedding of the corresponding action support in the work context will be carried out according to aspects of work psychology.

Social added value

Already during the project period, the transfer partners are organising several events at which further companies are to be made aware of the topic and receive information on the benefits. In addition, a demonstrator will be developed and a best practice publication will be produced, which other SMEs can use to develop comparable systems.

All information on the project and the project partners can be found here!