Prof. Dr. Jens Pöppelbuß

Project Coordinator



Development of a Privacy Management System for Personalised Assistance Systems in Production and Service


Initial situation

Digital assistance systems worn on the body as wearables, e.g. in the form of augmented reality glasses or smart watches, can collect personal and sensitive data in many forms in everyday work. This includes, for example, data on movement patterns and bodily functions of employees as well as photo, video and sound recordings from their immediate environment. The potential of this data to address individual support needs by personalising assistance has so far only been used to a limited extent. In fact, such data is often only used to monitor the success of process steps, but not for error prevention, personnel development, optimisation of processes or even minimisation of security risks. The reasons for this include privacy and data security issues that raise concerns among employees.

Aim of the research project

The aim of the project is to develop a privacy management system for personalised assistance systems in production and service (PersonA system). The requirement for the system to be developed is, on the one hand, that it enables personalised digital assistance in production and service processes. On the other hand, legal conformity in general and the privacy of the personnel must be preserved. The central approaches of the system to be created are privacy control (employee-determined private sphere) and privacy-by-design (legally compliant data collection and processing). In this way, the theoretically expected advantages of personalised assistance - for the company and individual employees - should also be realised as well as possible in practical implementation, but with consideration of the individual requirements of individual employees. The use cases for the conceptualisation and prototypical implementation of the PersonA system are provided by so-called wearables, including AR glasses, smart watches and smart clothing in production and service processes. In practice, the success of digital assistance systems stands and falls on the one hand with the acceptance on the part of the employees and on the other hand with the legal conformity of the developed solutions. The PersonA project aims to create a privacy management system for the collection and use of personal data in the context of personalised assistance systems that both increases employee acceptance and ensures legal compliance and, moreover, can be applied to different industries and work processes.

Added value for society

As a result, the PersonA system creates more acceptance for the use of innovative digital assistance systems while at the same time complying with data protection regulations. The project results should increase the acceptance and benefit of digital assistance systems in industry and thus contribute to the competitiveness of German industry. The participating corporate partners will commercially exploit the results achieved and further develop them in the long term. For the application partners, the pilot projects will already result in a further development of their manufacturing and service processes, from which they and their employees will benefit directly.

All information on the project and the project partners can be found here!