Dr. Stefan Enzler

Project Coordinator



Self-Organised Innovation Management in the Digital Age


Initial situation

In the era of digitalisation, the ability to innovate is more relevant than ever for the survival of companies. This applies to product and service innovations as well as process innovations. While corporations and large SMEs are increasingly developing innovation strategies and structures, innovation management in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is generally not a separate functional area and does not happen in a systematic way.

Aim of the research project

The InnoDiZ research project aims to test an online platform for virtual inter-company collaboration that will support internal innovation processes. Measurable increases in process and product innovations in quality and rate are expected. The central starting point is the inter-company further training of specialists and managers to become innovation managers or actors in order to establish self-organised innovation management based on agile change management in their own companies.

Social added value

The developed platform will be continued as an independent product after the end of the funding period and offered to SMEs. Through clearly defined usage rights, networks can open up to other companies and networks and access joint learning content or use a protected meeting and learning space for themselves. This creates new forms of inter-company cooperation and internal working methods that promote the initiation of innovative products and services. With the active involvement of regional chambers of commerce and industry associations, the results will be disseminated to other SMEs after the end of the project. In this way, a stable virtual innovation network can be established to strengthen the innovative power of SMEs in Germany.

All information on the project and the project partners can be found here!