Alinde Keller

Project Coordination



Introduction and stabilisation of technology-based assistance systems in SMEs


Initial situation

Plants used in the process industry are highly complex and their operation requires extensive skills from the employees. In order to understand interrelationships at plants that process, for example, crude oil, natural gas or foodstuffs, a maintenance technician needs a wide range of knowledge from data, theory and experience. If, for example, the gas temperature of a gas pressure plant is too low, this can have a variety of causes. To determine these, employees must work creatively and in a goal-oriented manner.

Aim of the research project

In the EVerAssist research project, an assistance system is being introduced and consolidated in practice that provides comprehensive information from the plant's process control system on an object-related basis in fault situations. Via mobile devices such as tablets, information will be available in the form of recommendations for action from experienced colleagues, among other things. In this way, downtimes can be reduced and knowledge retained within the company.

Added value for society

The result is a range of services for the introduction and continuation of IT assistance systems in the context of cyber-physical production systems in the process industry, which can be transferred to other sectors. It contains, among other things, training courses, consulting services for the adaptation of IT processes, well-founded evaluation results as well as guidelines for personnel and organisational development in the digital transformation. In this way, the research project provides insights into how the potential of information technology assistance systems can be realised in highly complex production environments in the long term.

All information on the project and the project partners can be found here!

*** EVerAssist - Einführung und Verstetigung technologiebasierter Assistenzsysteme in KMU ***